Demo Videos

These videos demonstrate some of the key WheresTheGig features. For detailed information about WheresTheGig features see the FAQ. You can try things out on the demo account using account:demo, user:demo, password:demo

General Overview

A brief introduction to WheresTheGig.
Simple gig entry, set lists.

Blackout Dates

Band members can set their unavailability dates in just seconds.

Using Templates

Templates make gig entry as simple as a button click. Add a month's gigs in seconds.

Auto Blackouts
Song Tags

A song tag is a characteristic about a song that can be used for filtering songs on the set list creation page. For example, if you are creating a new set you might want to see only songs that are good set openers, or songs with a keyboard solo, etc.

Member Availability Confirmation

WheresTheGig will automatically send an email requesting selected band members confirm their availabilty for an event. You received an email when they respond, and can review the status of all your confirmation requests on a simple dashboard.

Tweet Your Gigs

WheresTheGig will automatically send out a tweet a few days before your gig so you don't have to.

Mobile Set Lists

Your gig's set lists are available to you and your band members on your phone, tablet or other mobile device.

Enhanced Mobile Song Notes

You can now show plain text, chart images, and external resources like lyrics web pages from your mobile set list song details.

Auto Blackouts
Automatic Blackouts

When you use multiple WheresTheGig accounts for the different projects you're involved in, being assigned to an event in one account will cause blackout dates to automatically be set in your other accounts.

Auto Blackouts
Gig Notes

Each band member can add notes for a gig. For example, travel information for an out-of-town gig, or specific information for the member that isn't relevant for the whole band.

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